Rob Beckett | Sat Apr 8 | Town Hall | £21
Owner of the greatest nashers in comedy Rob Beckett has become a ubiquitous presence on our TV screens for several years and he’s only 31. His ‘Mouth of the South’ show works so well because of the energetic spark he creates with a live audience, this is where Beckett’s funniest material is forged. Don’t be late and if he asks you if you’ve ever shit yourself as an adult be careful how you answer.

Charlie Baker | Fri 14 Apr | Glee Club | £10 
They say you can’t polish a turd but Charlie Baker is having a good go with his ‘Hit Polisher’ tour. Pimping up (or down) dreadful novelty chart toppers with his malicious ear for a rubbish tune accompanied by Sean Hargreaves on the Hammond organ. The music is interspersed with some glorious comedy. Baker’s 21st century cabaret manages to be both nostalgic and contemporary whilst also being hilariously funny.

Josh Pugh & Jo D’Arcy | Fri 14 Apr | Cherry Reds | £6.50 
Local boy Josh Pugh is a punnery master with an absurdist take on life that resonates with audiences. His gags deliver a stunningly high hit rate and in full flow there aren’t many can touch the 2016 comedian of the year for dizzying word play. Intelligent, imaginative and unpredictable. Jo D’Arcy’s exuberantly tongue in cheek reflections on her previous existence as a teacher offer some genuine laugh out loud moments. A great double header.

Richard Herring | Sat 15 Apr | Slade Rooms | £15
One half of 90’s comedy duo Lee and Herring, the other half being our own Stewart Lee, Richard has been a stalwart presence on the stand up circuit for two decades touring an incredible 12 one man shows. When he hasn’t been touring Herring has been a prolific writer for some of the UK’s most renowned comedy legends including the legendary Chris Morris. What better way to celebrate such an esteemed legacy than cherry picking his favourite routines and performing them together in one breakneck show, a greatest hits if you will. ‘The Best’ is a unique comedic history lesson from one of our greatest comedians.

Andrew Lawrence | Sat 15 Apr | mac | £14 
The self declared ‘most bigoted scumbag’ on the UK comedy scene brings his ‘Hate Speech’ tour to the mac. Reviled by most of his peers for his perceived position as a right wing comedian, it is a denigration that Lawrence revels in. It all began with a Facebook post supporting UKIP and the preferential treatment he felt ‘ethnic comedians and women posing as comedians’ were getting. Love him or hate him there are some uncomfortable laughs to be had.

Real Deal Comedy Jam | Sun 16 Apr | 6 on Broad Street | £20 
‘The UK’s number one urban comedy tour’ comes to Birmingham for bank holiday with a host of familiar names from the world of black comedy. The big name on the bill is Richard Blackwood, remember him? Pop star, MTV presenter and now the dodgy Vincent Hubbard in Eastenders, his spiky enthusiasm is perfectly suited to stand up. Amongst a plethora of acts our pick is the consistently eclectic and multi talented Kat B; whether he’s singing, dancing, doing gymnastics or telling jokes, he will make you laugh.

Just the Tonic | Fri 21 Apr & Sat 22 Apr | The Comedy Loft | £15 
The ‘Just the Tonic’ bills at The Comedy Loft always offer good value for money, but we’re recommending this one in particular because we love the Dudley born Sean Percival’s blunt black country comedic perspective on working class life in the Midlands. The ex-welder will touch an hilarious nerve with all the locals whilst delivering jokes that resonate nationwide.  A strong line up is completed by Tom Lucy, Luke Toulson and Caimh McDonnell.

Tez Ilyas | Thu 27 Apr | mac | £12
Ilyas came to prominence with his sharply observed Tez Talks that hilariously explore life in the UK as a Muslim man. Witty, dry and incredibly cutting, the show has been picked up by BBC Radio 4. There is a mischievously subversive air about the slick funny man as he hosts a fake seminar on converting to Islam or inspirational speeches on integration that are so tongue in cheek we wonder he doesn’t choke. Intelligently prescient comedy dispatched with authoritative flair.

Mike Gunn & Andre Vincent | Thu 27 Apr | The Comedy Junction | £10.15 
Mike Gunn has been a regular on the comedy circuit for two decades in addition to starring in sitcom ‘Time Gentlemen Please’, writing for the Guardian and producing his own show ‘Uncut’ that explored his own experiences as a heroin addict. It’s a life ripe with poignancy and material for self deprecating laughs. Fascinating company and highly recommended. In a cute double bill Andre Vincent brings his acerbic observational humour littered with anecdotes mined from his personal journey through cancer, diabetes and kidney surgery.

Count Arthur Strong | Sun Apr 30 | New Alexandra Theatre | £25.65 
Continuing a long tradition of bumbling English buffoons managing to rise against adversity despite their own incumbent idiocy. The Count struggles on convinced of his own infallibility in a whirl of malapropisms and nervous tics as the universe relentlessly conspires to undermine him. Created by Steve Delaney, who plays Arthur, the Count is a harmless innocent joy harking back to a simpler age, he’s also painfully funny. We think there’s a whiff of Will Hay pomposity about him.

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Jon Richardson | Thu 4 May | Hippodrome | £20.50

Omid Djalili | Fri 5 May | Symphony Hall | £27

Gary Delaney | Sat 6 May | The Old Rep Theatre | £14

Reginald D Hunter | Fri 12 May | New Alexandra Theatre | £27.15

Bridget Christie | Sun 21 May | Rep | £30

Al Murray | Mon 22 May | Rep | £27.50 |

Pam Ann | Wed 31 May | Town Hall | £22.50

Ricky Gervais | Wed 28 Jun | Barclaycard Arena | £28.93

Greg Davies | Mon 9 Oct & Tue 10 Oct | Symphony Hall | £30.50

Henning Wehn | Fri 13 Oct & Sat 14 Oct | Town Hall | £20

Russell Brand | Tue 5 Dec & Thu 8 Dec | Symphony Hall | £30.50



Sat 1 Apr - Sun 30 Apr
Giles Logan
Published on:
Sun 9 Apr 2017